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March 2013

I bet that you can't think of an industry off the top of your head right now that doesn't have buzz words that industry insiders use to describe their service. Buzz words are jargon or neologisms which stick with people and become the norm to strike up within conversation. Within the electrical industry, there are numerous buzz words which go around which we will be detailing within an upcoming blog post. The word electrical contractors is not a buzz word, though, and is in fact a professional term for an electrician.
Following on from a blog post we wrote not very long back surrounding how to save money on your electricity bills, we have been hitting up resources online and have found a startling bit of research. According to this blog post over at The Guardian published June 2012, leaving appliances on standby could add between £50 and £85 to a yearly electricity bill, which is a fair old amount given the current economic crisis.
Across the electricians industry there are many different types of report which have abbreviated names. An EICR, or Electrical Installation Condition Report to give it its full name, is a formal document that is produced to an owner of a property following a safety assessment of electrical installation. There are many benefits to receiving an EICR, and there are many reasons as to why a property owner may request an EICR. Most commonly, that reason bottles down to having proof that their electrical installation is safe. In order for an EICR to be legally carried out and valid it needs to be carried out by a Part P Registered Electrician. Part P Electricians are highly qualified electricians with a lot of training.
CRIME IS ON THE INCREASE… We hear this all the time on the news and in the newspapers. It’s therefore vital that you secure your property with a good quality burglar alarm that has been professionally fitted. Don’t let burglars enter your home and steal your beloved possessions because you don’t have one. This is a proven way to deter burglars from targeting your property and also warn others in the event of this happening.
In a digitally driven society we are all obsessed with our high tech gadgets and TV’s are no exception. As technology progresses TV’s are becoming larger and thinner than ever before. However, the general problem that we come across is that many of us just don’t have the space for these TV’s within our homes or offices.
As electrical contractors in Leeds we see our fair share of homes and business premises, and many customers ask us what the best ways are to save money on their electricity bills are. In this post, we are offering up 3 key tips. Money is tight at the moment and the UK is heading towards a triple dip recession. As such, it is now a better time than ever to head online for tips on saving money as a home owner or business. One of the best ways to save money monthly or quarterly is through your electricity bills, where there is a push from the government currently on businesses to make more of an effort. Not only does streamlining your electricity usage make sense in a green way of thinking, it also makes sense financially, where the potential savings in the long term are high.
Electrical systems and portable electronics regularly get sent to landfill where they live for 20, 30 or even 40 years before being buried. They pollute and take up space, yet thankfully the UK government is now pushing for these pieces of equipment to be disposed of in a greener more environmentally friendly way. If you have recently cleaned out your business premises or your own home, you will have probably found a large range of old electronics that need to be thrown out. Unlike paper, cardboard or food waste, electronics cannot simply be put in to a domestic waste bin as not only is it bad for the environment, but these electronics will go to land fill and never degrade over time. They will quite simply last forever, polluting the earth and taking up unnecessary space.
If you have been tuning in to our blog you will have most probably read our post on 3 top tips to choosing the right electrician. Our points in that post highlighted the need to make sure any electrician you hire is qualified with the correct certification, has sufficient public liability insurance and also has enough experience to carry out a job sufficiently. Those top tips to choosing the right electrician still stand today, but what about when it comes to choosing an industrial electrician?
The fuse in a plug can blow at any time, and it often happens whilst we are in the middle of doing something such as using a vacuum cleaner to clean a floor or turning on a lamp. If this has happened to you, here is how to replace that fuse and carry on with your day:
Whilst running your business it is essential that you provide a safe environment for your work colleagues and customers that are on your premises. It’s therefore important that all of your electrical equipment is tested regularly by a professional electrician. As part of your health and safety policy it is a legal requirement to ensure that all electrical appliances within your premises are PAT tested.