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Just what is an Electrical Contractor?

Just what is an Electrical Contractor?

I bet that you can’t think of an industry off the top of your head right now that doesn’t have buzz words that industry insiders use to describe their service. Buzz words are jargon or neologisms which stick with people and become the norm to strike up within conversation. Within the electrical industry, there are numerous buzz words which go around which we will be detailing within an upcoming blog post. The word electrical contractors is not a buzz word, though, and is in fact a professional term for an electrician.

When choosing an electrical contractor, you may be confused as to what one actually is. Are electrical contractors simply electricians? Are electrical contractors qualified electricians?

Electrical = the industry | Contractor = a person or business that works on that industry.

The truth as to what an electrical contractor actually is lies in the name. An electrical contractor is a business person or company that supplies a service which specializes on electrical work to be carried out on electrical systems. Whilst home owners and domestic electricity customers use the word electrician to describe a person whom can carry out electrical work, businesses more commonly use the phrase electrical contractors as it describes an individual professional or company that works on larger projects across multiple industries.

At BrightLec we are electrical contractors in Leeds, and we provide domestic electrical services, commercial electrical services and industrial electrical services. The wide majority of businesses that we work alongside with to deliver exceptional electrical services refer to us as electrical contractors due to the professional stigma associated with the name.

Whether you are a home owner looking for electrical work or a business, though, you can refer to BrightLec as electricians or as an electrical contractor. We are essentially both. Which phrase you decide to coin us with, as well as other electrical companies across the UK with, will likely depend on what type of customer you are.

To find out how BrightLec can help your business , please give us a call on 0800 9788 168 or click here to email us >

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