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Electrics at Home: How to Replace a Fuse in a Plug

Electrics at Home: How to Replace a Fuse in a Plug

The fuse in a plug can blow at any time, and it often happens whilst we are in the middle of doing something such as using a vacuum cleaner to clean a floor or turning on a lamp. If this has happened to you, here is how to replace that fuse and carry on with your day:

1. Remove the plug cover

The first step to replacing a fuse is getting access to it. To do this, simply remove the plug cover either by unscrewing it, or sliding the cover off the plug base, which is the main part with the three prongs for plugging into a power outlet.

2. Remove the blown fuse

You will need pliers for this. Use needle nose pliers to remove a blown fuse (the small, glass tube with metal ends on either side) and be careful not to break it. You will be able to tell whether the fuse is blown by examining the glass tube. It will be dark and smudged, or the visible wire inside will be broken.

3. Insert your new fuse

Insert a replacement fuse with an identical amp rating into the metal brackets of the fuse housing. For guidance on sourcing the correct fuse, head online or ask an expert, and be sure to choose the right one first time.

4. Put the plug cover back on

Replace the plug cover and plug it back in to the wall. Now, simply flick the switch and see your work in action. Whatever electrical appliance the plug is attached to should work now and be safe to use.

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