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When should I upgrade my consumer unit?

A consumer unit (also known as a fuse board) ensures that your electrics are safe and protects you against both fire risk and electric shock within your home. It’s therefore important that your consumer unit meets all latest standards. If you have an older consumer unit which often used a piece of fuse wire to protect against electrical current, these are no longer deemed safe for your home. These types of re-wirable fuse boxes are found in older electrical installations from between the 60’s and 90’s and often have a wooden or metal back plate.

What is main earth bonding, and do I need it?

Main earth bonding is used to connect the Gas, water and oil services to the earth terminal in your distribution board. This is there to protect you from an electric shock by diverting the electrical current away from your body and down to the earth in a safe manner. If your home or office was built before 1991 the main earth bonding may no longer be compliant with current 17th edition wiring regulations.

Is it important that I use an NIC EIC qualified electrician?

Whether you require electrical work to be carried out in your home or office, it is highly important that you use an electrician that is NIC EIC registered. This means that your electrician has been regularly accessed to ensure that their electrical work meets all government regulations. The electrical work that they carry out is also covered by an NIC EIC insurance which means any faulty work will be put right.