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What is an EICR, and do I really need one?

What is an EICR, and do I really need one?

Across the electricians industry there are many different types of report which have abbreviated names. An EICR, or Electrical Installation Condition Report to give it its full name, is a formal document that is produced to an owner of a property following a safety assessment of electrical installation. There are many benefits to receiving an EICR, and there are many reasons as to why a property owner may request an EICR. Most commonly, that reason bottles down to having proof that their electrical installation is safe.

In order for an EICR to be legally carried out and valid it needs to be carried out by a Part P Registered Electrician. Part P Electricians are highly qualified electricians with a lot of training.

Due to ageing, electrical installation is best checked periodically every 10 or 15 years. This will ensure that your EICR is as accurate as possible.

When an EICR is carried out the Part P Electrician doing it will make a number of observations in his report. These observations will result in recommendation codes. These codes are changes that could be made to improve the condition of your electrical installation.

Here are just a few reasons that you may need an Electrical Installation Condition Report carried out on your property:

– Change in domestic premises usage.

This could be a variety of things, however most commonly an EICR should be carried out when a property is being rented out to new occupants. This safeguards both you and them. An EICR will bring up any issues that need to be fixed, and the occupants will be aware of any issues first hand.

– Age of the installation.

If you live in an older home and have no EICR, then chances are your electrical installation may not have been checked very recently. In this case it is always best to get a Part P Electrician in to assess your electrical installation for any issues.

– Damage to a property

Whether it be through environmental conditions, vandalism or other, damage to property can happen to any of us. If a property gets damaged you should have a EICR carried out especially if your electrical installation has become visible in the process.

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