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How to Choose an Industrial Electrician

How to Choose an Industrial Electrician

If you have been tuning in to our blog you will have most probably read our post on 3 top tips to choosing the right electrician. Our points in that post highlighted the need to make sure any electrician you hire is qualified with the correct certification, has sufficient public liability insurance and also has enough experience to carry out a job sufficiently. Those top tips to choosing the right electrician still stand today, but what about when it comes to choosing an industrial electrician?

The main job of an industrial electrician is to test, maintain and repair electrical equipment so that it is safe for people to use. Whilst using an industrial electrician has always been popular for office space and factories where large electronic machines operate, increasingly industrial electricians are finding that a basic understanding of robotics is also important. One only has to walk in to any car manufacturers factory to see robots in action, all of which must be maintained to a safe standard for employees.

Here are 3 tips on choosing an industrial electrician:

1. Qualifications

Much like any regular electrician when choosing an industrial electrician you should check their qualifications. The minimum qualification an electrician must have to work within a small company or call themselves ‘qualified’ is NVQ at level 3 in electrical installation. This is the base of what you should look for in any potential industrial electrician. Alongside this qualification, our next point is incredibly important.

2. Hands on experience

No matter how many qualifications an electrician has (a lot of them are essential) without hands on experience all an electrician will have is theory. For industrial electrics, you should be looking for an electrician who has worked on machinery in the past, and the more years worth of experience they have the better. Remember, the world is changing, and if your factory makes use of robots or other advanced tech make sure that any potential electrician has the experience to test them.

3. Recommendations

Finding out whether a potential industrial electrician is worth your time is easy: Simply launch Google and search for ‘business name + location + review’. The top search results will be reviews for the potential industrial electrician you are looking for. If no reviews come up, ask yourself whether or not this is a legitimate company with experience. If you have been recommended to an industrial electrician by a friend, be sure to still carry out the necessary steps to determine whether they are qualified with experience.

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