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Why you should consider a lighting control system for your commercial property

Every business wants to find ways to become more efficient, save money and use time more productively. Installing a lighting control system can go a long way towards achieving these aims. In this article, we’ll reveal how.

How is a lighting control system?

A lighting control system is an interconnected network of lighting solutions. This can include a number of devices such as overhead lighting, lamps, sensors and various other components, to provide you with a bespoke lighting system for your commercial property.

Lighting control systems can either be wired as part of your property’s electrics, or wireless, operating in the same way as Wi-Fi. Whichever system is most suitable for your commercial premises, it offers a number of distinct advantages for your business.

1. It’s a tailored lighting solution

A lighting control system enables you to design the lighting throughout your property to suit the exact needs of your business. Unlike a traditional system with banks of light switches, a lighting control system allows you to control both individual lights and groups of lights from a single device, often a remote or keypad.

This has huge advantages for many businesses. For example, a showroom may want spotlights shone on particular products, but less intrusive lighting in the sales areas. A retail business will have different lighting needs on the shop floor than in the stock room. In an office, each worker has the ability to tailor the lighting to suit their own needs, such as making a room brighter or dimmer at different times of day, or to enable them to see their computer screens more easily.

A unique lighting design is the most efficient and productive way to run your business, as it caters for the specific needs of your staff and your customers.

2. It helps you save energy

If you don’t have full control of your lighting, there is a good chance you’re wasting energy and money by using unnecessary amounts of electricity. A lighting control system enables you to reduce your overheads and make your business more environmentally friendly.

For a start, lights can be set to switch on, dim or switch off automatically at times of your choosing, so there’s no risk of lights being left on all night.

Lighting control systems also usually include motion sensors, which turn the lights on when someone enters a room and turns them off again when the last person leaves. This saves you wasting energy by constantly lighting parts of your premises which are not always occupied, like the kitchen and toilets. It also makes lighting convenient for the user since they don’t have to flick a switch themselves.

Many lighting control systems now also feature light sensors. These detect the amount of natural daylight coming through the windows, and dim or brighten the lights accordingly in much the same way a phone’s adaptive brightness feature does.

Innovations like these can save you serious amounts of money on your energy bills, making your business more profitable and energy efficient.

3. It makes your commercial property more secure

A lighting control system isn’t just useful during business hours. It can also help to protect your property from intruders when the building is unoccupied.

The smart motion sensors that are included in the system can be installed in vulnerable areas of your property, such as doors and windows. If motion is detected, this can trigger bright security lights and alarms, which can be sufficient to deter an intruder and keep your premises safe when nobody is there.

4. They’re easy to use

Lighting control systems are designed to be a smart solution, making things easier and increasing connectivity for your business. This means they’re highly intuitive to use, with simple operating systems similar to a smartphone app. All your employees can learn to use the system extremely quickly.

A lighting control system can also be installed quickly and easily by an experienced professional, causing a minimum of downtime and disruption for your business, and providing you with the long-term gains your business needs to maintain a competitive advantage.

Learn more about lighting control systems

If you would like more information on this topic or are thinking of having a lighting control system installed in your commercial property, give us a call on 0800 9788 168 or 0113 894 1968. We’re your local electrical experts in Leeds. We’re happy to discuss your needs and answer your questions about these systems.

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