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The Importance of Switchgear Maintenance

Systems for electrical power are often referred to as grids. These grids can be created and maintained using a combination of electrical components. One of those components – made up of a combination of fuses, circuit breakers, and disconnects – is known as a switchgear, and it provides a way for power equipment to be de-energised so that faults might be cleared.

If you were to visit a manufacturing factor, you’d probably see huge electrical lockers where the switchgear could be found. The switchgear uses fuses and circuit breakers to isolate pieces of electrical equipment – therefore allowing plant managers to repair issues without danger to them or the plant.

Why Look After Switch Gears?

As is the case with any technical equipment, it is important for companies to be cautious when it comes to looking after switchgears. Preventative maintenance can be essential for reducing the risk of issues before they arise. When it comes to caring for switchgears, plant supervisors are often charged to oversee the equipment and make sure it stays in good working order. After all, when the power to your technology isn’t regulated – huge problems can occur.

Many businesses find that when a machine breaks due to a malfunction in the electrical circuit – the chances are that the initial fault could have been prevented simply by using regular switchgear maintenance.

Preventing Faults

Switchgears are essential for protecting the electrical machines in any system. When a breaker is tripped, this causes an electrical surge which indicates a fault with your electricity. With a valid and working switchgear, the power that is then lost can be redirected from another source on the circuit – preventing the entire machine or network from instantly shutting down. This means that you can fix the issue without turning off valuable machines.

Of course, your switchgears can only protect you if you use the right amount of time and effort in maintaining them with regular checkups by a licensed technician. One of the methods that can be used to check switchgears is thermal imaging. This solution checks for hot spots so that technicians can see the inside of a circuit without having to take it apart. If a hot spot is detected, then it can be fixed before the issue turns into an expensive and time-consuming problems. Discovering faults and fixing them before downtime occurs automatically saves money and time – valuable resources for any business.

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