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The Benefits of Power Factor for Your Business

The Benefits of Power Factor for Your Business

If you’re trying to save money for your business, it’s worth taking a look at your electrics. The Power Factor is one way you could dramatically cut the costs associated with running your business. So what exactly is the power factor and what benefits can it provide?

Understanding the power factor

There are typically two types of power your business generates. Firstly, you have the power which is used by your equipment, such as lighting and heating. This is referred to as real power. Then, there’s the power that isn’t used directly which is referred to as reactive power.

Now, when there’s a combination of real and reactive power, this is referred to as apparent power. The relationship between apparent and real power is what is known as the Power Factor.

How the Power Factor Can Benefit Your Business

So now you know what the power factor is, how exactly can it benefit your business? Well, via a service known as power factor correction, your business can:

·         Cut costs

·         Lower its carbon footprint

·         Improve existing current efficiency

If your power factor rating is currently pretty poor, it means you’re likely paying for energy that isn’t actually being used. Power factor correction equipment can help to ensure less energy is wasted, therefore significantly cutting down your electricity bill. Businesses which use a large amount of power are the ones who are going to see the most cost-cutting benefits.

As power factor correction helps to lower the amount of energy wasted, this also means it has a positive impact on the environment. There’s a lot more pressure for businesses to lower their carbon footprint these days. Customers want to deal with eco-friendlier companies. So, not only will you be helping the environment, but you’ll also be improving your reputation too.

Finally, by taking power factor correction steps, you’ll be able to improve the efficiency of existing currents. Increasing the load carrying ability of your existing circuits means not only will they perform better, but you won’t have to upgrade your systems. This again saves you a lot of costs in the long-term.

Overall, many businesses aren’t aware of the power factor, but it can have significant benefits. Ensuring you aren’t wasting unnecessary energy is good for both your balance sheet and the environment. Just be sure to choose a reliable electrical contractor to carry out power factor correction. That is the only way you’re going to experience the benefits and successfully cut costs.

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