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Signs your heating system is need of repair

During the summer months, you might use your heating system once a week or even less. But when winter comes around, you’ll triple your dependency on it to keep you and your staff warm. Without heating, your work environment would quickly become cold and uncomfortable for employees and customers.

If you are concerned about the health of your heating system, below we have listed three common signs that indicate your heating system may need a repair.

Burning smell

If there is a persistent burning smell when you boot up your heating system, your electric boiler’s filter may be dirty and clogged. This should be replaced with a new filter as soon as possible. If the smell persists, you should call an expert for advice. A persistent burning smell after a filter change could be caused by a variety of things. On air con systems, it may be caused by a failing motor which is overheating because of age, wear or lack of maintenance.

Ineffective heating

If you find that your heating system is not performing as it should be, then something is quite obviously wrong with it. Usually, ineffective heating is caused by something harmless such as a blocked water pipe, but you should call an expert for help regardless. If you have an electric heating system, such as electric underfloor heating, then it may be that the heat elements are not being delivered a sufficient electrical current.

Noises or clunks

This applies to both central heating and air conditioning heating systems. If your appliances start making uncharacteristic noises, such as clicks, clunks or bangs when operating, then you should stop using them and call an expert. The noises you are hearing may be the early signs of catastrophic failure. If caught early, and the cause of the noises can be determined, repairs may be possible to prevent the need for complete replacement.

Need help with your heating system?

If you are experiencing any of the problems mentioned above, feel free to call us for friendly advice or to book a repair. Call us on 0800 9788 168 or 0113 894 1968 to speak to a member of our team, and we’ll help you diagnose the cause of your heating system problems.

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