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Signs your commercial property needs re-wiring

Signs your commercial property needs re-wiring

Re-wiring always ends up being one of those problems which gets heaped onto the back burner, as well all know it is something that needs doing every so often, but such is the upheaval, thought and effort which typically goes into a re-wiring decision, it ends up being delayed until it is too late.

In a commercial property of which you are deemed the employer of staff, you are at part responsible for their safety in the legislation set out by the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974. This means running a show with unsafe electrical wiring which is well past its use-by date is definitely not an option.

Your staff will no doubt want to feel safe inside the building, as you no doubt also will. Therefore it is essential to keep an eye out for the warning signs which can tell you when it’s time to bite the bullet and get the place re-wired before the job gets too far out of hand and the bill ends up being a lot higher than it needed to be.


One of the biggest culprits of leading towards an imminent re-wiring of a property is usually overheating. If you find that when looking at plug sockets and switches there are clear and evidential signs of plastic wear, or any amount of smoke appears to be emanating from the source, it is definitely time for some fresh cables.
New cabling is also needed if you can see frayed wires, as these are one of the leading causes of electrical fires.

Fuse boxes

Thankfully for those unsure of what they are looking at, fuse boxes can have a handy way of pointing out the general state of the wiring around the premises. If the fuses themselves can be rewired at will, it gives an indication that the wires themselves could have been connected to several different fuses over the years, and the same trail of thought also applies to the fuse box itself. If it is pretty new looking and you know the wiring isn’t, chances are the two weren’t done together and a rewire may well be of crucial importance.

Everybody likes to think they can do a job, but when life and death comes into it there are definitely jobs best left to the experts. If you have checked out the warning signs and they all come back red, get in touch with a qualified electrician and see how they can keep your wires safe.

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