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Managing Lighting Use in Your Commercial Property During the Winter Months

Many businesses find that saving energy during the winter months is particularly difficult. Not only are offices forced to spend more of their budget on heating options to keep staff members feeling comfortable, but the long nights and dull days mean that light switches are often left on, burning away excess energy all day.

While you couldn’t expect your staff members to work all day in a dark and dingy office, that doesn’t mean that you have to commit yourself to spending hundreds of pounds extra on your lighting bills during the winter months. Here are some ways to manage lighting use in your commercial property during the winter months.

  • Invest in Useful Technology

Reminding everyone within your office or workspace to switch lights off when they leave a room can be a difficult task – particularly during winter when people are busy, exhausted, and often forgetful. Sometimes, investing in technology can be the simplest answer to make sure that you don’t waste extra cash whenever possible.

Try some motion-sensor lighting in the areas of your commercial property that receive the most foot traffic. This should help to ensure that lights automatically switch off when they’re not being used by anyone – saving you excess energy.

  • Make Some Rules

While no-one likes to make the hard choices in a business, you may need to put some rules in place to stop people from over-using the energy in your office. For example, if you know which hours of the day your office generally gets the most sunlight during work hours, make sure that you tell your staff members to avoid switching lights on during that time. Your employees should be aware that the lighting is only intended to help them be more productive when the day is at its darkest.

  • Install LED Lighting

Finally, if you’re still relying on incandescent lighting to keep your business powered, remember that LED lighting isn’t just for the holiday season. Purchasing new LED lights for your entire office will not only save you money on your energy bills, but could also save extra cash in the long-run too. LED lights are durable, and designed to last for long periods of time, which means you won’t have to constantly spend money on new bulbs. On top of that, you get the benefit of being able to boast about your environmentally friendly efforts – giving you an extra competitive edge.

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