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Lighting Control Options for your Commercial Property

When it comes to your commercial property, you want the best lighting possible. It’s not just about having bulbs in the right places, it’s about being able to control those lights perfectly, ensuring that your shop, premises or office is lit perfectly always. For that, you need a lighting control system.

But what is a lighting control system? Well, put simply, a lighting control system is an intelligent (or ‘smart’) network of lighting controls which gives you total control over the lights in any given space. There are multiple types of lighting control systems for commercial properties, including:

Centralised Lighting Control Systems

Centralised lighting systems forgo the traditional wall-switch control method, instead directing all lighting circuits to a central location, which is then controlled through keypads located throughout your business.

Those keypads allow you to effortlessly control your lighting system, schedule lights up-and-off, automatically dim or enter ‘entertainment’ modes. You can even have lights which switch on automatically as the sun begins to set or turn off as it rises. The most sophisticated of these systems can also be securely controlled through smart devices like tablets or smartphones.

Wireless Lighting Control Systems

More commonly used by consumers rather than businesses, wireless lighting control systems nonetheless boast a significant market share. These systems feature wireless dimmers and switches, which can be easily swapped for more traditional versions.

These models are popular because of their lower cost and simplicity to install, with all dimmers and switches communicating wirelessly with a central processor.

Hybrid Lighting Control Systems

As the name implies, hybrid lighting controls systems are just that – a hybrid of centralised and wireless lighting methods. They incorporate both wired and wireless devices, communicating seamlessly between the two.

This kind of system is ideal for businesses which are keen to trial wireless control systems, but aren’t yet ready to commit to a full replacement. Hybrid lighting control systems enable you to trial different systems without fears over future incompatibility.

Of course, within each of these broad categories are dozens of products, each with their own specific benefits for your business. All you need is a little research and you too could benefit from the convenience and cost savings that a lighting control system can bring to your business.

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