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Electrical Heating Solutions for your Commercial Space

Electric heating systems are some of the most popular ways to keep employees and customers comfortable in a commercial space. An electric heating system comes in many different shapes and sizes, to suit a range of different circumstances.

In the past, the only real option available for electric heating was the radiator. However, today, there are various new technologies you can access to upgrade your commercial space. What’s more, many of these electrical heating systems come with advanced control systems which allow you to adjust temperatures from your smartphone.

Here are just some of the electrical heating solutions available for today’s commercial spaces.

Electric Radiators

Electrical radiators are simply the electric equivalent to a standard central heating system. The only difference is that they use electricity to heat your commercial property instead of gas. Electric radiators are popular in businesses today because they are efficient, reliable, and easy to control, thanks to programmable and smart thermostats.

Most commercial properties will prefer to use inbuilt electric radiators to heat their stores and offices. However, it’s also possible to purchase additional “portable” radiators for warehouses and other locations that may need a temperature top-up at times. These portable radiators simply plug into the mains electricity on-site and work in a similar way to your connected heaters. Unfortunately, portable radiators are typically less efficient than their counterparts.

Infrared Panels

Infrared panels are one of the most modern options available on the market today, for commercial companies who want something a little more stylish than the standard electric radiator. Infrared has the potential to be a very efficient heating system for a company, and the panels are also incredibly sleek too, which is great if you want to portray a modern image within your business.

Unlike standard electric heating systems which work by warming the air to heat a room, infrared panels work by warming people and objects directly, by transferring heat from the device to the objects in front of it. This means that you’re less likely to use up a lot of energy heating an entire commercial space at once. However, it also ensures that your customers and employees won’t get any benefit from the heaters unless they’re standing right next to it. This means that commercial infrared panels may only be suitable for behind retail counters, or in very small stores.

Storage Heaters

Storage heaters, or “night storage” heaters, are designed to generate energy during times when the grid is “off-peak”. They work by pulling electricity into your business during off-peak times at night, then storing that heat energy until you decide to use it at a later time. Storage heaters come with a selection of insulation materials at their core which allows them to release energy slowly throughout the day. Although these heaters are very old fashioned in these modern times, they are very efficient too. What’s more, if you use up your stored electricity too quickly, then you may need to pay peak prices for your electricity despite your best efforts.

Night storage heaters are great for avoiding pricey electricity bills when you’re running your business during peak times. However, you won’t have as much freedom as you would with other devices when it comes to controlling your heating.

Heat Pumps

Finally, heat pumps are some of the most misunderstood, but effective heating solutions available for commercial properties today. Heat pumps work by absorbing the natural heat from the earth or air outside and moving it throughout your building. If you’re worried about the cold UK air, don’t be. Heat pumps don’t just move the outdoor air inside; they also heat that air using energy from the sun.

Heat pumps can run in a number of different ways. You can either decide to hook them up with solar panels and PV arrays to use a more sustainable method of heating your building, or you can connect them to the grid in some cases. If you choose to go the environmentally friendly route with your commercial heating, then you might be eligible for government grants that help you to get a better ROI from your business.

One particularly positive thing about heating with pumps, and all other forms of electrical heater is that you won’t have to worry about any carbon emissions. A lack of Co2 emissions is one of the major reasons why many forward-thinking business owners have begun to embrace electrical heating as a way of showing their customers that they care about their community and environment.

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