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Benefits of Wireless Alarm Systems

Common sense dictates that when you’ve got something valuable, you seek to protect it. For commercial businesses, that means securing the premises in which you operate and, more often than not, install a commercial alarm system too. Why? Because commercial burglary is more common than you might imagine.

The Government’s recently released “Crime against businesses: findings from the 2016 Commercial Victimisation Survey” found that during the 12 months of 2016, no fewer than 117,000 burglary attempts were made on wholesale and retail premises – a truly sobering statistic, which indicates more than 320 businesses a day affected by this crime.

It’s no surprise, therefore, that businesses of all stripes are looking to invest in commercial alarm systems. Indeed, studies have found that burglars are discouraged from even entering a building if they can see a security system, offering a strong deterrent.

There are countless alarm systems on the market in 2017, but today we’re going to focus on wireless alarms. So, what are the benefits of these systems?

Modular and easy installation

The wireless communication utilised by wireless alarm systems means that set up is extremely easy, requiring no damage to your property or wires run through your walls – a fact that’s music to the ears of businesses operating out of rented

They can also be repositioned on the fly, should your business expand or your security requirements change. Simply add more wireless alarms to your network and the system will automatically reconfigure to factor in this new information.

Additionally, wireless alarm systems can be augmented with features like movement sensors, window and door alarms, vibration detectors and much more.

Superior security

Unlike wired alarm systems, wireless alarm systems stay operational in all conditions.

Wired systems draw power from your premises mains system which means, whilst they don’t need to have their batteries replaced, they can be knocked offline by a power cut.

That puts them at a significant disadvantage to wireless alarm systems, which remain in operation no matter what. Modern wireless alarm systems also offer rock-solid reliability, and even boast features like dedicated alarms to notify you if a battery falls flat or an attempt to jam the wireless signal that binds the alarms is made.

Greater long-term cost effectiveness

Because wireless commercial alarm systems aren’t permanently fixed to your current premises, they can be moved to a new location, should your business move.

That means that though wireless alarm systems can sometimes cost a little more upfront, their long-term cost effectiveness is significantly better than wired systems.

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