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Why Regular Maintenance of your CCTV System is Important

No building is completely safe from criminal activity, but there remains much we can do to help safeguard our premises from the actions of those who wish to damage or steal from our businesses. Those security methods run the gamut from electrified fencing to reinforced doors, but one of the most effective and affordable security methods remains CCTV.

With the growth of CCTV has come many advancements, including improved recording capability, more accurate pictures and higher frame rates – leading to fewer burglary attempts than before and higher conviction rates for criminals who attempt it.

Indeed, studies have found that CCTV acts as a strong deterrent for negative behaviour, cutting criminal activity on public transportation by a startling 23% once implemented and a 51% decrease in crimes committed in parking lots.

Clearly then, CCTV is a valuable addition to your businesses security measures, but it’s not without its faults. Indeed, like every piece of electronic equipment, CCTV camera systems are prone to all kinds of issues which can limit their effectiveness.

Why is regular CCTV maintenance important?

The efficacy of your CCTV system lives or dies by its ability to capture and record information accurately and regularly, but that’s never a given with electrical equipment.

Though modern CCTV systems boast extremely long uptimes, they’re not immune to issues regarding their power supplies, lenses, sensors and casing which can lead to failure. Consider for a moment that a small gap in your CCTV camera enclosure can let in water, which can cause failure, or that muck on your camera lens can obscure and ruin the footage captured and you begin to understand the sensitivity of your equipment.

Should the worst happen and somebody attempts to break in or damage your premises, you need all your cameras operational to record the event. Even one of your CCTV cameras falling into disrepair can fatally weaken your security, with savvy criminals taking advantage of inoperable systems.

How can you maintain your CCTV security?

Of course, whilst it’s possible to check your CCTV cameras are fully operational yourself, it’s always worth investing in regular CCTV security checks from professionals, who will ensure that not only is your CCTV system in good mechanical shape, but that they’ve not moved out of position and are securely positioned.

By performing basic visual checks regarding wear and tear on your CCTV system, you can gauge the health of your system. From there, it’s about calling in the professionals and keeping a diary of maintenance checks. We recommend you make it company policy to have your CCTV system regularly maintained, to avoid any potential failures down the line.

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