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Why LED Lightbulbs are Growing in Popularity

In the world of electricity and energy, LED lights have taken the world by storm during recent years. There’s plenty of good reasons why these lighting solutions are so popular. After all, LEDs are more environmentally friendly, energy efficient, and cost effective than many market alternatives.

Conservative estimates in the energy world suggest that it’s possible to save up to 85% on your electricity bills when using LEDs over incandescent bulbs. Although the actual savings that you can accomplish will depend on the type of lighting you’re replacing, the potential of LEDs is astronomical, particularly when you consider how many hours lights are used each day in your business or home.

LED bulbs have a longer lifespan

When compared to incandescent and energy-saving bulbs, LEDs simply last longer. The average incandescent bulb can last for around 1200 hours, whereas modern LED bulbs are designed to last for approximately 50,000 hours. This means that your lights could potentially last for years.

LED bulbs are energy efficient

The price of electricity is rising every year. Today, finding ways to save on energy usage is becoming increasingly important for home and business-owners. Because LEDs use far less energy than incandescent bulbs, they can mean that you end up paying less on your utility bills, while still achieving the same quality of light.

LEDs are versatile

Gone are the days when lighting was restricted to soft yellows or bright whites. Today, you can find LED bulbs in a variety of different hues designed to suit a range of residential and commercial needs. With the right colour temperatures, you can design a unique atmosphere for each room.

LEDs are the “Green” option

Because LED bulbs last longer than standard incandescent bulbs, they don’t have to be changed as frequently. Fewer changes means less waste in landfills, plus, LEDs are completely free of toxic materials. They can be recycled, which means that your environmental footprint is smaller, and they release significantly less CO2 than other lighting alternatives.

LEDs are safer

Finally, unlike traditional incandescent bulbs which can become very hot, LED bulbs don’t heat up to dangerous levels, or explode due to over-use. In other words, using LEDs in your home or business could transform it into a safer, risk-free environment for your staff workers, family members, and friends. It also means that you won’t burn your fingers when the time comes to remove an old bulb!

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