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What Type of Generator is The Most Reliable?

When the power suddenly goes out during a winter storm, a generator can keep your office warm, your computers powered, and your phones charging. Sales of generators generally spike around the winter season, particularly when major storms are predicted – which means that too many buyers leave their selection to the last minute

Instead of waiting for a problem to occur, why not invest in the solution ahead of time? Buying a generator now gives you the chance to determine which generator is the most reliable by examining a host of crucial factors that your model should feature.

How to Find the Most Reliable Generator

The fact that new models are appearing on the market on a fairly regular basis means that naming the most reliable generator would be a difficult task. A better way to ensure you’re getting the best model for your needs is to consider a range of different options that a reliable generator should include. For instance:

  • Automatic Start Functions


On a generator, your automatic start function will ensure that your system automatically switches on when the power goes out – without your intervention. This is perfect for businesses who need to keep running no matter what.

  • Alternative Fuel Capacity


Many portable generators work on gasoline alone, though some can come with the ability to run on propane tanks or natural gas lines. Some options can even be converted to the use of professional kits.

  • Fuel Gauge


Your portable and stationary generators should generally come with a fuel gauge that you can use to determine how much power you have left during a long blackout. Keeping an eye on your fuel gauge should help you to prepare for disaster.

  • Inverter Technology


In high-end generators, inverter technology provides cleaner power that shouldn’t overcharge sensitive electronics. Inverter technology is ideal for companies who would prefer their generators to run without excessive noise.

  • Removable Console


A removable console attaches to the generator so that you can plug appliances in without running risky extension cords elsewhere.

  • Multiple outlets


More than four outlets on a generator helps you to get the most out of your wattage by evening out the load.

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