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What is 3 phase installation for industrial buildings?

What is 3 phase installation for industrial buildings?

Here at BrightLec, we are on hand to provide a range of services for manufacturing and industrial premises across the UK, which includes 3 phase installation. But what does this mean and why might you need it?

What is 3 phase installation?

3 phase power is a common form of electrical power supply for larger installations. To give an example, it is a popular method of electric power transmission throughout the national grid system.

It is typically installed in manufacturing and industrial environments because the equipment being used consumes larger amounts of current.

Why might you need 3 phase installation?

The following electrical equipment usually requires three phase power:

  • Air conditioning
  • Plant and heavy machinery
  • Heating systems
  • Motors and pumps
  • UPS systems 

How does 3 phase work?

In domestic properties, electricity is supplied with one live (phase) wire, which in the UK delivers power at 230 volts and requires a neutral conductor (wire) to work.

However, a 3 phase supply uses three live wires. The voltage between these live wires is 400 volts, as 3 phase consuming devices typically require more power. Even so, most 3 phase systems still utilise a neutral wire, as some electrical devices in industrial settings are still rated at 230 volts and feature a 13 amp plug socket.

Does 3 phase equipment cost more in electricity?

Once a 3 phase system has been installed, the price per unit of electricity is the same as single phase power. However, some 3 phase equipment tends to be more efficient than single phase alternatives anyway.

What else do you need to know about 3 phase?

When installing a 3 phase system, it is important that equal amounts of current flow through each of the conductors. This is called phase balancing, something that BrightLec does with all installations.

Why choose BrightLec for phase 3 installations? 

BrightLec are NICEIC approved contractors and only use the highest quality materials available to complete 3 phase installations. All our work is carried out in accordance with British standards too.

Get in touch with us today and we can give you an initial consultation about your requirements. From there, we will design a system to suit your unique requirements, which can include timescale and budget considerations. BrightLec can also provide reactive maintenance packages to keep your business up and running 24/7.


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