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Upgrading your farm’s lighting fixtures

Upgrading your farm’s lighting fixtures

Upgrading your farm’s lighting fixtures with more energy efficient units could give you a return on investment within just three years. Replacing older halogen-style lamps with LED lamps and CFL lamps will reduce energy consumption and they often improve visibility too.

If your farm is using older style lighting, then it is using up to 80 per cent more electricity than it should be. The good news is reducing a farm’s energy output is relatively simple and the steps that need to be taken will result in no downtime.

What we recommend

We recommend you replace all incandescent light bulbs with LED lights where a powerful light is needed, and all incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) where a lower level of light is needed. In addition to these changes, we also recommend timers for all areas of your farm and motion sensors for security lighting. Timers will help you manage your energy consumption better and motion sensors are an excellent criminal deterrent. Or, you can keep security lights on during the night but opt for bulbs with an eco-friendly rating.

How we can help you

We have worked with several farmers over the years to reduce their energy consumption and save them money. We can replace your incandescent light bulbs with LED bulbs and CFL bulbs for immediate savings and we can also install high intensity discharge (HID) lights. For the best savings and a sound return on investment, however, you will require an assessment to establish where the best energy savings can be made.

For this, we will visit your farm for free and assess your current infrastructure. We will visit your farm at a time that suits you and discuss your options.

If your farm has not had its electrical systems modernised for some time, then it may be the case that you would benefit from new wiring and electrical system installation. For some features like timers and motion sensors, you will require this anyway because some older systems do not have the capability to support them.

Find out more today

Whatever the case, we are an honest business so you can always expect good advice from us. To find out more about our services and how we can help your farm become more energy efficient, call our team without obligation today on 0113 894 1968.

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