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Top 5 Ways to improve the lighting in a commercial property

Getting the most from your lighting is important. It exists to light up your shop, so performance is a key consideration, as is adjustability. You want your lighting to highlight products and make a strong first impression. What you don’t want is a poorly lit room with noticeable dark spots (unless you’re Hollister).

Having worked on thousands of commercial lighting installations, we know a thing or two about making the most of artificial lighting. Use it right, and it can create a classy, upmarket shopping experience. Here’s our recommendations:

1.      Install spotlights

If areas of your commercial property are dark, light them up with spotlights. Spotlights can be wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted to suit the room. They provide a direct light source, so are perfect for lighting up dark, confined spaces.

Many shop owners are now choosing to replace their overhanging lights with spotlights because they offer a modern look. Spotlights are available in different colours and typically their angles can be adjusted if you stand on a chair. We’ve installed thousands of spotlights, and the best thing is your wiring may already support it. We can also recommend the most efficient spots for them, so you get the best performance.

2.      Experiment with lighting colours

The great thing about modern lighting is you can get it in so many colours. You can buy LED strip lights in any colour of the rainbow, and these are typically switchable too, so you can change the colour to suit your needs.

In addition to LED strip lights (which are self-adhesive), you can also install smart light systems such as Philips Hue. You can even integrate these with Google Home Mini or your Amazon Echo, so your lights are voice-activated. The simplest way to play with colours though is to install different coloured bulbs around your commercial property. These either have adaptive LEDs or a bulb of coloured glass.

We have a great deal of experience installing smart lighting systems. If you’d like to find out more about smart lighting, please contact us.

3.      Use dimmers to change the mood

Dimmer switches are a relatively simple upgrade and add a whole new dimension to lighting in a commercial property. If you currently have standard light switches (on and off), you’ll appreciate the increased adjustability dimmers offer.

Dimmers can be setup as a one-way or two-way system. Standard dimmers with a rotary control knob are only suitable for one-way systems. If you want a two-way dimmer system, you’ll also need dimming slaves. Any competent electrician will be able to upgrade your switch system, including us. However, please keep in mind you may also need to replace your light bulbs if they aren’t dimmer compatible.

Dimmer switches allow you to adjust the light in a room to suit the mood. You can brighten or darken spaces at the turn of a dial.

4.      Experiment with shades to create depth

The humble light shade has been around for thousands of years. Light shades are used to contain a light source and evenly distribute it across a room. However, you can go further by opting for an intricate light shade that creates pattern.

Light shades that create pattern create depth. The best example is a chandelier, which has crystals that reflect light in different places. Another good example is a moon light shade, which has small holes that let stronger light through. The correct light shade greatly effects the amount of light given off, so if you’re looking for lots of light you should choose an open shade or lighter shade. Avoid dark lampshades.

5.      Experiment with mirrors to brighten darker spaces

Darker spaces don’t necessarily need loads of lighting to offer a brighter and more welcoming vibe. You can improve dark and confined spaces with large mirrors, which will reflect light with no added cost to your electricity bill.

It’s important to remember that some colours such as reds, oranges, browns and blacks refuse to reflect light. In smaller spaces, light colours are best. You can use mirrors either way to increase the amount of light in a room. Mirrors will reflect light where your walls do not, potentially offering twice the output. You can even point spotlights at mirrors to create a bright space with no direct light source.

Lastly, consider installing automatic, motion-activated lighting. This eliminates the need for customers and staff to flick a switch for convenience. It also helps reduce your energy usage by eliminating the possibility of lights being left switched on.




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