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Top 5 Electrical lighting trends in 2019

Forward-thinking businesses are always looking for new ways to improve their premises. If they can save money or improve staff productivity in the process, that’s a doubly good deal that should never be passed up.

Lighting is an area where businesses can make a big difference to their premises, often without spending a great deal. Electrical lighting trends in 2019 will see businesses choose wireless connectivity, healthy lighting and colour tuning. But what other trends will we see, and which trends can your business use?

Wireless connectivity

Imagine being able to control your lights via a dedicated remote control, or even via your smartphone or tablet computer. By connecting your lighting system to a Wi-Fi router, you can bring wireless connectivity to your lights. This gives you the ability to switch lights on or off remotely and set timers remotely.

Wireless lights have been around for a little while now but the technologies that connect systems up are getting better and better. We can now connect up a whole floor and with the right bulbs in place, you can dim and change the colour of lights without having to flick or rotate a switch by hand. Very useful and very smart.

Healthy lighting

Lab studies have shown blue light can damage light-sensitive cells in the retina. This may cause premature vision issues according to some studies. Blue light can also ward off sleep by making it difficult for the eye to relax by keeping the pineal gland from releasing melatonin, the hormone that regulates sleep-wake cycles.

With this evidence, businesses are increasingly adopting warm lighting to provide employees with a more relaxing work environment. Red light can be used in areas where breaks happen and yellow light where work happens. By creating a more relaxing space, you create a healthier environment for employees to work in.

Colour tuning

In addition to the kelvin range of light, one of the hottest lighting trends right now is colour tuning. This basically provides the business with an LED lighting system which can shift from cool to warm colours at the press of a button. In addition, the lights can be set to solid, blink or phase settings to change a room’s ambience.

LED colour tuning is widely used in retail stores to highlight sections of a store. It is also a useful mechanism for branding a store. In offices and other creative spaces, colour tuning is used to provide teams with a colour timeline for projects. For example, red can mean project commencement while yellow can mean project review.

More automation

Automated lights that switch on when they detect movement and off when no more movement is detected save a significant amount of electricity. They also bring convenience to people’s lives because they don’t have to flick a switch. There is also no risk of the lights being left on by mistake.

In 2019, more businesses than ever are choosing to automate their lighting systems. This type of system uses motion detectors to automatically detect movement. When movement is detected, the lights switch on. The system itself is simple to setup but most businesses will need some additional electrical infrastructure for it to work.

Out of sight lighting

One of the more recent trends we have witnessed is a shift toward out of sight lighting, which is where you conceal the direct light source (bulb) and use mirrors or translucent glass or plastic to create a softer flow of light. The result is more of a glow than a shine and looks particularly good in high-end stores and spas.

Out of sight lighting can be used with colour tuning to create a unique space. Rather than having bright lights above, why not distribute their glow evenly? A softer approach is great for ambience. These systems are best used with dimmers so the light source can be brighter when needed. This ensures the system performs well.

If you are interested in any of these lighting trends for your commercial property, please contact us or call us on freephone 0800 9788 168 or 0113 8941968. Thank you. We serve the whole of Leeds and all surrounding areas.

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