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Three Ways a Local Electrician is better than a Huge Electrical Company

Three Ways a Local Electrician is better than a Huge Electrical Company

If you have needed any electrical work carrying out within your home over the past 6 months, then chances are you searched on the internet to find a company suitable enough for the job. On the first pages of Google, often it is the big national electrician companies which dominate the first page due to having been established for a fairly long time and their sites looking good in the eyes of the search engines.

This makes it hard for independent and local businesses [including electricians] to compete through this medium, unless of course you search for ‘electricians in Leeds’ or other more specific, location based keyword terms.

This may make you think that the big electrician companies are the businesses you should get in to your home to carry our electrical work. They aren’t always the best though. Despite being big companies having grown themselves and worked their way up the food chain, they often charge higher prices than smaller local independent electricians and arguably carry out less efficient work. Here’s why:

1. A local electrician strives to carry out the best job possible

Chances are, an independent electrician or company will only have a couple of employees and electricians under their belt. For this reason, a strive for quality is key to referral work and recommendations to friends. For small companies, word of mouth is incredibly important, and whilst this is the same for larger companies their employees motives can be elsewhere, with them living from pay check to pay check. These employees know they will get paid at the end of the month. If they screw up a job, they may get a slap on the wrist. If a local electrician does the same? A horrible testimonial will rise amongst a customer’s peers. This is not a good situation for the local electrician operating within any given area.

2. Cheaper rates from local electricians

Big businesses have huge write ups on rates, per hour charges and what electricians working for them must do in order to be paid for a job. For local electricians, this isn’t the case. A local electricians overheads (expenditure financially) are far lower than that of a national companies. If there is an electrician in your area, the only cost to them meeting you is driving down the road in a van. To compare, a national electrics company will have to update a database, book you in, have a driver come round, all on an hourly rate. If you get two quotes for a job one from a large company and one from a smaller company, chances are it will be lower from the smaller firm.

3. Reputation

Reputation is everything in local business. Following on from point number 1 above, in order for any local businesses to stay alive it needs to be appreciated for the work it does within its area. At BrightLec, we have served hundreds of customers in and around the Leeds area all of which love us for our straight forward, honest approach to a job from start to finish. We are clear and transparent in pricing and what needs to be done for work to be carried out. You will not hear any jargon or industry words from us, just honest advice and quotes. One bad review would affect us negatively and hurt our reputation. Chances are, a bad review from one customer about a large company will not actually find its way to many people. Big companies are good at hiding the bad stuff and promoting the good stuff.


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  • Mukesh Varde
    Posted at 21:36h, 26 February

    I agree with your points, Cost and Level of experience are the two most common and most important reasons to choose a local electric company over a large corporation. As I’m also an electrician what i suggest to home owners is Whatever you decide, make sure you are hiring a reliable electrician who will provide you with excellent, quality work.

  • admin
    Posted at 14:45h, 08 March

    Thanks for your comments

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