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Things to Consider When Choosing Lighting for Your Hotel

Lighting can have a profound impact on the way that we feel, and the way that we interact with a space. Individuals responsible for hotel design need to think carefully about the steps that they can take to create a welcoming, comfortable atmosphere for their patrons, that exudes warmth, familiarity, and luxury at the same time. Quality lighting can work to enhance interior design elements, provide longer-lasting effects, and offer a sophisticated space for a range of clients.

Before you blow your budget on lights that don’t meet your needs, try considering some of the following elements to inform your lighting needs.

  • LED Lights are Often Worth the Cost

If your hotel has a limited budget, you might find that you’re quickly put-off by the upfront cost of LED lights. However, it’s important to remember that the right bulbs could actually save you thousands of pounds in the long-run. LEDs are designed to be more energy-efficient, more environmentally friendly, and more durable, which makes them the perfect solution for large-scale projects.

  • Consider Brightness and Colour Carefully

Different bulbs promote different shades of light, and different levels of brightness. Decide in advance what kind of light you would prefer by looking into different lumen outputs. Energy saving bulbs are often more environmentally efficient and cost-effective, but they can be quite dim in comparison to other bulbs. Make sure that you shop around to get a good balance between value and performance.

  • Shape Matters

Something that many commercial properties forget when choosing lighting, is that the shape of the bulb counts. Each shape provides a slightly different angle and spread of light, from a 360-spread that comes with a globe bulb, to a narrow beam from a spotlight. The atmosphere you want to create will largely be effected by the shape and temperature of the bulb that you choose for each specific area.

  • Put Quality First

Finally, remember that the quality of your lighting is essential in a hotel environment. Your aim should be to provide an atmosphere that makes people feel comfortable and indulgent at the same time – so you can’t afford to cut corners with lighting costs. If that wasn’t enough, inadequate lighting could open your organisation up to a range of potential problems if it leads to dangerous circumstances in your hotel, such as the possibility of trips or falls in stairwells. Protect yourself, and your business by putting quality first.

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