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The pros and cons of underfloor heating

The pros and cons of underfloor heating

Underfloor heating is a popular home improvement, because it’s a great way to keep a home warm. Underfloor heating distributes heat evenly in a room, unlike radiators or fires which distribute heat from a single area. So rooms feel a lot warmer and another immediate benefit is that there aren’t any radiators taking up space, so rooms feel larger too.

If you are interested in underfloor heating, here’s the pros and cons of such a system:

The pros of underfloor heating

  • Comfort! Underfloor heating heats up a floor in its entirety to give you lovely and warm feet all year round. Pets love it too!
  • Even heat distribution – Because heat is distributed evenly rooms will heat up faster than with a conventional central heating system;
  • It’s hidden – Let’s face it, radiators are ugly. Underfloor heating on the other hand is hidden and it won’t spoil the look of your home;
  • Can be installed anywhere – Whether your floor is tile, wood, laminate, concrete or carpeted, underfloor heating can be installed;
  • Less waste – If you open a window in a traditionally heated home, that heat is lost immediately. Underfloor heating remains a consistent temperature, so no matter how many windows you open, the room and your feet will remain toasty;
  • Fantastic for wet rooms – Bathrooms are excellent candidates for underfloor heating because they make a room more comfortable and get rid of moisture; the latter also makes basements an ideal place for underfloor heating;
  • Increases the value of your home – Underfloor heating is a sought-after feature in homes and it can be a key selling point when it comes time to selling yours.

The cons of underfloor heating

  • High installation costs – We’ll make no claims about underfloor heating being a cost-effective heating method, because it isn’t. While underfloor heating can help to decrease energy use and reduce your electricity or water bill in the long-term, the high installation cost of a system means you’ll get nothing back for a good few years.

So there we have it – the pros and cons of underfloor heating. As we’re sure you will agree, the pros greatly outweigh the cons.

Find out more about underfloor heating

If you are considering underfloor heating, chat to us. We’ve designed and installed underfloor heating systems for homes and offices throughout the Leeds area.

Call us with no obligation on 0800 9788 168 or 0113 8941968 today to discuss our underfloor heating solutions.

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