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The latest in CCTV technology

Advancements in technology are constantly improving our lives in a number of ways and they are also having major impacts across every industry. CCTV is no exception, with workplace security systems continuously evolving to become increasingly advanced and more effective in their role. Here are some of the latest technological solutions which are revolutionising the world of CCTV.

4K/ Ultra HD

4K CCTV systems have recently appeared on the market, offering far clearer imaging than any previous types of CCTV. This is because 4K, sometimes known as Ultra HD, offers four times the resolution of standard HD cameras, making 8 Mega Pixel images possible instead of the 2MP images produced by standard 1080p HD systems.

This has a huge number of advantages for businesses. 4K images are extremely clear and sharp, giving you a far greater chance of identifying an intruder and even being able to read the number plate on their vehicle.

4K CCTV systems were prohibitively expensive at the start, mainly due to the huge amounts of memory they used. However, thanks to the latest technology, 4K images can now be compressed, so far less data storage capacity is needed. Additionally, because of the wider scope and clearer imaging offered by 4K, you can cover an area with fewer cameras than you would need with a standard HD system, so this can also reduce the cost.

4K offers a wide range of exciting possibilities for CCTV, and it is set to become the standard of the future.

Wireless connectivity

Smart technology is becoming a regular fixture in numerous areas of our lives, and the latest CCTV solutions make the most of this. Wireless systems offer a far greater degree of freedom than traditional wired CCTV solutions, for a number of reasons.

Firstly, there is the obvious convenience of the system not having to be wired in, which saves time and disruption in your workplace, enabling you to transition smoothly to the new system with very little downtime and hassle.

Secondly, wireless CCTV systems operate via the Wi-Fi network in your workplace. This means there is no need for it to be linked to a networked video recorder, as the footage can be stored in the cloud or on a microSD card, saving you space and offering you greater freedom.

In addition, a wireless system can relay live footage directly to your smartphone. This vastly improves security on your business premises, as you can monitor the building at any time, even when you can’t be there in person. You can also set the system up to send alerts to your phone if an intruder enters the building, enabling you to respond to the emergency as quickly as possible.

This smart technology has revolutionised workplace security, and is rapidly becoming essential for businesses in all industries.

Advanced motion detection

If you are not yet ready to upgrade to 4k, it’s worth taking a look at some of the most advanced HD security cameras now available. Many CCTV solutions at the higher end of the market now offer such sophisticated motion detection that they are able to tell the difference between the movements of people, animals and cars. This means they will not alert you unnecessarily, giving you added peace of mind and making it easier for you to relax when you are not on the premises.

Additionally, some cameras can also improve the security of your building in other ways. Several models now have built-in security lights and alarms, which are triggered if they sense a human intruder on the premises. This in itself can be enough to deter a criminal, so a CCTV system with advanced motion detection and other security features is a worthwhile investment.

Find out more about the latest CCTV solutions

If you are looking to upgrade the security systems in your workplace, and you would like some professional advice about the most appropriate CCTV solutions for you, please contact our team here at Brightlec. We are highly experienced in devising and installing the highest quality security systems across a huge variety of workplaces and industries, and we will be happy to discuss your needs and provide you with a consultation and quote.

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