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The importance of regular alarm system maintenance

A burglar alarm or intruder alarm system is designed to serve a very important purpose: to deter people from breaking into a property. Whether it’s installed in a commercial or domestic property does not matter, the purpose remains the same.

Periodic alarm system maintenance is necessary to ensure the alarm runs and functions correctly. Alarm system maintenance should always be carried out by a professional to guarantee a thorough inspection of its function. Many alarm installers offer a maintenance package alongside the installation. The cost of this service varies. The alternative is to hire a separate contractor to look after your alarm system.

Alarm System Maintenance

We recommend that your alarm system is checked once a year or twice a year if you have a police or security monitoring function. Your alarm should be put through a false alarm to determine if there’s any further maintenance required. The alarm can be checked on-site or remotely if you have a monitoring contract.

Maintenance of an alarm system may involve replacing parts. If the infrastructure is old, it may involve replacing wiring. Alarm maintenance plans are available which will cover you in the event of a parts failure. It’s important to keep in mind that unplanned call-outs can incur a significant charge, so it may be worth taking out a maintenance plan.

Who should maintain my alarm?

All new alarm systems are backed by a manufacturer’s warranty, if the alarm was installed by an approved contractor. If your alarm fails during this warranty period, then you may be entitled to free repairs or free system replacement.

Alarms that are out of warranty should be maintained by a company or individual who specialises in such maintenance. A professional contractor will check your alarm periodically to determine its health. They will then perform maintenance as necessary, but not before asking you first to confirm costs and any day-to-day interruption.

Overall, the importance of regular alarm system maintenance cannot be overstated. Regular maintenance will ensure that your alarm system is up to the job of protecting you and your business from intruders. That’s something you can’t put a price on.

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