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The benefits to having commercial security lighting

The benefits to having commercial security lighting

It can’t be argued against that one of the most effective means of deterring criminals is through security lighting. Criminals simply do not want to be caught or seen committing a crime which is why most crimes are committed at night. Security lighting activates when it senses movement, and when positioned strategically it can cover a premises in its entirety to put off criminals before or during the act of a crime.

Security lighting is perhaps the best deterrent against burglary. Commercial burglary affects all retailers, big and small. In fact, it’s statistically a bigger issue than ever before with The Criminal Statistics for England and Wales showing a two-third increase in commercial burglaries since 1989. Factor into this robberies, and what you have is a nationwide trend for crimes committed against commercial enterprises increasing.

Security lighting therefore is more essential than ever before, but the benefits of commercial security lighting extend beyond criminal deterrence. Here’s the main benefits:

  1. Cost-effective to install and maintain;
  2. Environmentally-friendly with high-performance LEDs;
  3. Protected by a shell that stops them being smashed;
  4. Can be wired to a backup electrical system to prevent tampering;
  5. Can be installed both externally and internally;
  6. Provides a sense of safety for workers and customers;
  7. Prevents accidents like slips, trips and falls.

The only downside to security lighting is the increase in electricity bills. However, modern security lighting is extremely energy efficient and should add no more than a few pounds or even a few pence on to a quarterly energy bill. Businesses can save even more if they are on an Economy 7 or Economy 10 tariff, which offer low off-peak energy prices.

A true security solution encompasses several technologies

Several technologies have emerged over the last thirty years to deter criminals from targeting businesses, including CCTV systems and police-linked alarm systems which are becoming more advanced, but a well organised gang will see these as obstacles that can be overcome if they are installed as standalone security features. What businesses really need to fend off crime is a security system that includes a CCTV system, alarm system and security lighting. Working together these systems are a powerful deterrent, so it’s well worth having a survey carried out to ascertain what areas of your business can be improved.

To discuss security lighting solutions for your business In Leeds, give us a call on 0800 9788 168 or 0113 8941968 today.

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