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Should I invest in an intercom system for my commercial property?

An intercom system is a security device that lets you talk to a person to check their identity prior to admission. It provides communication between two points, and creates a barrier between the caller and the person inside.

If you admit visitors onto your work site, an intercom system will help make your business more secure. There are two main security risks associated with unauthorised people entering your building. The first is that they might not know health and safety procedure, the second is that they might pose a direct threat to your business.

Most commonly, intercom systems are installed next to an external door or gate so that it can be monitored remotely, rather than in person. Investing in an intercom system for your commercial property is a good idea from a security standpoint, although the type of intercom system you need depends on how frequently you need to admit visitors, whether your employees will need access, and how many access point you have.

Potential applications

Intercom systems are suitable for offices, industrial sites, factories, retail outlets such as jewellers, schools, and anywhere else where visitors need to be admitted. We have installed intercoms in a wide range of commercial buildings to improve security.

Intercom systems are also suitable for inter-floor communication. If you have an office block on several floors or a manufacturing depot on several floors, an intercom system can provide a reliable and cost-effective way for people to communicate.

The systems available

The most popular system is the simple 2-way audio intercom. This type of intercom allows two people to communicate by audio from two separate points. These systems are ideal for basic security. Increasingly, however, people are opting for a video intercom. These systems let you hear and see who is at the door, and some systems will also record the video footage so that there’s visual evidence of any incidents.

Talk to us about intercoms

At Brightlec, we’ve installed hundreds of intercoms for business owners. Call us on Freephone 0800 9788 168 or on 0113 8941 968 to discuss intercoms in your commercial property. Alternatively, you can send us a message from here.

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