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Safety First: Three Reasons not to Carry Out DIY Electrical Work

Safety First: Three Reasons not to Carry Out DIY Electrical Work

Tough economic times are leading to a rise in home owners and small businesses carrying out electrical work themselves. These DIY jobs save money versus hiring a local electrician or electrical contractor, however as with all things DIY, major concerns are raised surrounding quality and safety.

Now changing a fuse in a plug or replacing the light bulbs in an office are things that we feel all individuals can carry out so long as the mains electricity is turned off, however it is when more advanced electrical work needs to be carried out that a DIY job is not the best way forward.

Here are the top reasons that you should not carry out DIY electrical work beyond your ability.

1. Safety

This is the biggest reason that DIY electrical work should not be carried out. Electricity is deadly and can kill or seriously injure those it comes in to contact with. If you are unsure of how to do something electrically, you should not attempt it, and instead get in touch with an electrical contractor who can carry out the work safely.

2. Your ability and knowledge

Electricians and electrical contractors have specific qualifications which allow them to carry out electrical work safely. If you do not hold these qualifications and lack the experience needed to perform a job, do not attempt it. You could hurt yourself or carry out dangerous electrical work which brings about problems in the future.

3. Cost

Although carrying out electrical work yourself saves money versus hiring an electrician, what if you do something terrible like cut a mains wire or make a hash of re-wiring? This could be very costly to correct, and you could end up paying more from your DIY job than it would have been to hire a professional electrician in the first place.

Have you ever carried out DIY electrical work? What was your experience and were you confident tackling it? Be sure to let us know through Facebook and Twitter.

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