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Outdoor Lighting Options for Commercial Properties

Depending on the type of business you run, lighting may account for anywhere up to 50% of your company’s electricity consumption. It’s important to make sure that you’ve chosen the most energy-efficient and effective outdoor lighting options possible if you want to manage your budget and enhance your brand image.

Your lighting solutions will not only ensure that customers can find your business in the dark, but may even protect you from security threats too. After all, outdoor floodlights can be enough to scare off a potential thief when your property is unattended. Here, we’ll look at some of the outdoor lighting options you could choose for your commercial property.

  • LED Lights

Often, outdoor lights are left on for long periods of time. In fact, some businesses leave their floodlights on all night to deter criminals. Since incandescent lighting is ineffective and expensive to run, it makes sense to switch to energy-saving LEDs instead. LED bulbs not only last much longer than old-fashioned bulbs, but also help your business to save energy too, so that you spend less on your monthly bills.

Many of the outdoor LEDs you’ll find for sale have already been tested to ensure that they can withstand a range of elements, including rain and snow.

  • Solar Lighting

If you have the money to invest a little more in your commercial property, you could take the next step in “going green”, by installing solar panels. Though solar panels were once practically unheard of in the UK, they’re frequently considered by many business owners today who are considering long-term lighting options.

Even if you can’t afford full solar PV arrays, you can still purchase simple self-powered solar lights that can be installed around your commercial building. These systems will absorb sunlight throughout the day, and use that energy at night to produce light.

  • Use Motion-Activated Lights

Finally, motion activated lights can be a great way to reduce the amount your business spends on energy. These lighting solutions use infrared technology to detect people moving in a specific area. If motion triggers the light, then it will turn on – otherwise, it stays off and doesn’t cost you any money at all to run.

Motion-activated lights can be ideal for a range of businesses, whether you want to help customers see your building as they walk by, or scare off potential thieves who might be casing your property.

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