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Improvements you can make to your office electronics

Office technology is evolving all the time, and it is producing solutions which can make your working life a lot easier. Technology has now advanced to a point where it is possible to coordinate and streamline many of your daily work activities, and regulate your working environment, easily and at a relatively low cost.

Here are some major improvements you can make to your office electronics, which will provide a vast number of benefits for you and your workforce.

  1. Cloud technology

Many of us now use cloud technology every day, and it is particularly useful in an office environment, as it makes it much easier for information to be shared between different users. This means you can introduce hot desking, creating a more adaptable office environment more suitable for collaboration between different staff members and teams. It also allows you to introduce more flexible working patterns, as users can access the information from home if they need to.

The other great advantage of cloud technology is that all your data can be stored securely off-site. This makes your business less vulnerable to data breaches, and also reduces the amount of storage capacity you need in the office, creating more space and reducing your energy usage.

  1. Lighting control systems

Different areas of your office often require different lighting solutions, but this can be difficult to implement with a traditional setup, so it gets ignored in many workplaces. However, your office can become a far more productive place if every area and every worker is equipped with appropriate lighting to suit their needs.

A lighting control system offers you a tailored solution which you can customise to suit your own office. Controlled centrally via a remote or keypad, it enables you to adjust both individual lights and groups of lights as and when required. For example, lights can be dimmed and brightened at different times of day, so workers can see their computer screens more easily.

You can also program the lights to turn on and off automatically at set times, so there is no risk of any lights being left on accidentally overnight. This can reduce your energy consumption and save you money.

  1. Wireless CCTV

You can’t always be on the premises, and neither can anyone else, so there are times when your business is empty and vulnerable. Traditional CCTV systems tend to need monitoring at all times, and also require hooking up to a networked video recorder, which takes up valuable office space.

A wireless security system solves these problems. It works via your office Wi-Fi network, and stores its footage in the cloud, so you can watch it at a time convenient to you. It can also stream the footage live to your smartphone, and send you alerts if an intruder enters the building, allowing you to respond instantly.

The latest smart cameras have advanced motion detection, and many also come with inbuilt alarms and security lights, providing an effective deterrent for intruders and keeping your business safe.

  1. Timer switches

Electronic gadgets in offices are often left on all the times, using huge amounts of unnecessary energy. You can vastly reduce your office energy consumption by installing timer switches.

Timer switches are small devices which are positioned between and electrical socket and a plug. They can be set to switch off an appliance when it has not been used for a particular length of time, which you can program yourself to suit the individual needs of your office.

This means you no longer have to worry about each employee remembering to switch off their computer and printer at the end of the day, as they will be switched off automatically once they have been inactive for the specified time. This technology can save you huge amounts of money on your office electricity bills, and also do some good for the planet.

Find out more about improving your office electronics

If you want to upgrade your electronic systems in your office and make the most of the energy savings new solutions can provide, Brightlec can help. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and arrange a consultation, and let us assist you in making your office fit for the future.

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