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How using solar power can benefit your commercial property

Many business owners are put off solar panels by the initial cost of them. However, the benefits of solar panels are numerous, and it is possible to get a ROI depending on the size of the solar panel installation within just three years.

Below, we will look at how using solar panels can benefit your commercial property:


Solar panels are available in a variety of outputs, including 4kW, 10kW, 25kW, 50kW and 100kW. Most commercial buildings have an installation with a 5-9kW output. On large land, such as farms, systems with a 100Kw to 200Kw are not unheard of.

The point is, no matter how small or large your energy needs might be, there will be a solar panel solution for you.

The potential

Solar panels can be setup to power devices instantaneously, or they can be setup so that they charge a battery. Most installations offer both options, allowing you to collect and save energy whilst running your devices ‘off the grid’.

Depending on the size of an installation, solar panels can theoretically power an entire building 24/7. For example, a barber could power their clippers, hairdryer, and everything in-between without having to buy electricity from a supplier, ever.

Money making

Commercial users can also sell the unused energy they generate back to the grid. To do this, however, you will obviously have to generate more electricity than you use.

You can also make money through what is called a ‘feed-in tariff’. Through such a tariff, you will receive a payment for electricity you generate with solar panels, whether you use the energy or not. Anybody can apply for a feed-in tariff with an energy supplier.

Green reputation boost

If you operate in a market that has an impact on the environment, installing solar panels could give your green reputation a significant boost. People driving past your building, and people entering your building, would see that you have made a commitment to helping the environment by producing your own clean, green energy.

Discuss solar panels for your commercial property with an expert

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