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How to showcase your retail products with effective lighting

A fantastic shop front sells itself, and highlighting your best products in-store will help improve sales and get customers buying what you want them to.

In our opinion, a fantastic shop front and store starts with effective lighting. Lighting can be used to spotlight products, highlight a popular section of your store, or gently bathe products in a welcoming light. The aim with lighting is to create a mood, or ambience, that matches your customer’s taste and your brand values.

Types of lighting

Of course, you can’t just throw up some spotlights and expect customers to flock inside your store. You need to properly design your lighting, to create an ambience and highlight sections of your store to improve the shopping experience.

We recommend a few different types of lighting to achieve this:

1.      Spotlights: These are affixed to the ceiling and beam down a bright or gentle light onto a section of your store. They ‘spotlight’ an area or product.

2.      Task lighting: This is used on your entrance to create a warm welcome, or to highlight your brand so it can be identified from the street.

3.      Accent lighting: Like spotlights but gentler in nature, accent lights highlight specific areas of a store and products. They are usually affixed to the wall.

4.      Decorative lighting: Decorative lighting does function as a useful light source, but it is also a feature, or ‘work of art’, all by itself. It can wow shoppers.


We recommend LED light bulbs. LED bulbs are more expensive than halogens, but they last a lot longer and are more energy efficient. They are also available in different colours, and in white, different colour temperatures. They can also be dimmable.

Design and installation

Effective retail lighting starts with a design service. The lights should also be installed professionally, to ensure they are wired correctly. This will guarantee they function as they were intended to. At Brightlec, we have installed retail lighting in hundreds of shops around Leeds, and across Yorkshire. We’re competitively priced and offer a great service.

Call us on Freephone 0800 9788 168 or on 0113 8941 968 to discuss retail lighting design and installation.

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