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How to Make your Office Lighting Cost Effective

Times are tight at the moment for every business, especially for those which own and operate offices.

With rising energy bills and an economy undergoing a fundamental shift, it’s sensible business policy to cut overheads and implement smarter energy policies in order to improve profits and earn a little breathing room, should the worst come to the worst.

As you may well know, office spaces require a tremendous amount of energy to keep lit and pleasant to work in. Combined with high energy prices, that means that office lighting can prove an immensely expensive monthly cost.

There are ways in which you can drive down the cost of your office lighting bills though, and at Brightlec we’re proud to supply them. Here’s some of our top tips

Phase Away from Fluorescent Lighting

Many offices still utilise fluorescent lighting in their overhead lights, and though it’s more energy efficient than older incandescent lighting, it’s far away from what it could be. Case in point? LED lighting options use around 80% less energy in daily operation and last significantly longer too.

Best of all? LED office lighting options can be fitted to any standard light source, lowering the cost of installation and helping to save you more money in the short term, alongside the long-term gains from LED lighting.

Utilise Motion Sensors

Most people spend their day in the office glued to their desk, so why light spaces where your workers aren’t?

By installing motion sensors in your building, you can avoid lighting rooms which aren’t in use – whether that’s the kitchen, stairwell, meeting room or even the bathrooms. Lighting unused spaces can cost your business £££s, but that’s not the only benefit that motion sensors offer.

Additionally, you’ll find that by leaning on automation for your lighting your staff can’t leave lights on overnight or when they leave the room, helping to drive down energy costs consistently.

At Brightlec, we’ve helped countless businesses from the likes of Costa and Metro to smaller, independent businesses reduce their energy usage. Find out more here.

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