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How to make your Hotel energy efficient

Hotels require a lot of energy to run. In addition to the computer systems used in contemporary hotels and emergency lighting that is required by law, customers demand access to power 24-7 to run appliances, watch television and do ‘stuff’.

If your hotel uses a lot of energy, and your wallet is hurting because of it, you’ll be pleased to know that you can reduce your energy bills by as much as 20 per cent easily, and without taking on any drastic measures or investing considerable money.

Here’s our top four tips for making your hotel more energy efficient:

Upgrade your light bulbs

If your hotel’s lighting systems use fluorescent bulbs, then you and your guests are using 40 per cent more energy than you should be. Modern LED light bulbs sip power compared to fluorescent light bulbs, and tith the average hotel having some 200 light bulbs, it makes financial and environmental sense to upgrade to LED bulbs. LED bulbs can replace all main lighting systems and secondary lighting systems, such as lamps.

Monitor your refrigeration

Refrigeration costs a lot of money to run. If your hotel has a kitchen with a refrigeration unit, you should have these units inspected regularly to ensure that the seals work properly. If there is a leak, the refrigeration unit will draw on more energy to keep the temperature at the desired level. It might also be worth investing in new refrigeration units if yours are more than ten years old. Newer refrigeration units are more energy efficient.

Automate temperature control

For hotels with central heating and air conditioning systems, an element of automation is required to maximise energy efficiency. Automating when each system comes on, according to a predetermined temperature, is more efficient than turning each system on manually. Try have the central heating system switch off at 21°C, and have the air conditioning system come on at 24°C, to maximise comfort and energy efficiency for guests.

Electric boilers

Electric boilers can be more efficient than gas-powered boilers, and especially so in smaller hotels such as B&Bs. Electric boilers are also more reliable than their gas-powered counterparts. Some electric boilers are up to 99.8 per cent efficient, and can heat up a hotel faster than gas-powered boilers. For installation, you will need a contractor who is qualified to work on both electrical and plumbing systems safely.

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