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How to Make your Business More Energy Efficient

How to Make your Business More Energy Efficient

Discovering new ways to make your business more energy efficient doesn’t just make environmental sense – it also makes financial sense for your company – by allowing you to reduce the amount you spend on utilities each month.
While most brands know the importance of seeking out more energy-efficient solutions to their business needs, few are fully aware of the steps that they can take to reduce their footprint, and make their organization more environmentally friendly, and sustainable. Following, we’ll address just some of the simplest ways to improve energy efficiency within your business.

Be Sure to Shut Down at Night

It may seem like an obvious solution to saving electricity, but many business owners don’t realize the financial penalties associated with failing to turn their equipment off at night. If no-one is working at your office, then lights, computers, and other electronics should be powered down.

Use Laptops instead of Computers

If you’re a business that relies heavily on the digital world for productivity and success, then try turning to laptops instead of fully-blown desktop model computers. On average, laptops can consume about 80% less energy than their larger counterparts.

Stop Printing Unnecessary Documents

These days, most of the world has gone digital – so if you can send your partners, clients, customers, and co-workers information over the web, instead of relying on a printer and an envelope – do that. This will reduce the number of energy-consuming products in your office.

Turn the Heating Down

You don’t need to necessarily force your staff members to freeze, but you can reduce the temperature slightly. Turning the heating down by just one degree can be enough to cut your heating bills by around ten pence. Keep doors closed between heated and unheated areas to maintain a comfortable indoor environment.

Buy Energy Efficient Products

The federal government created the “Energy Star” program to help consumers make informed decisions regarding their energy-consuming products. Many office electronics, including coffee machines, copiers, and even computers can carry the Energy Star label, which means that they use about twenty percent less energy than standard models.

Get a New, Small Refrigerator

If you have a refrigerator in the break room for your workers, make sure it’s a new, small model. Sticking to older machines may seem more frugal to begin with, but they can waste a lot of unnecessary energy if they’re unable to function at their peak levels.

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