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How to choose the appropriate LED lighting for your business

Whatever type of business you run, you rely on the right lighting to ensure every job can be done quickly, efficiently and to the highest possible standards. This means you need LED lighting in your business premises. But with so many different LED lighting options available on the market, it can be difficult to know where to start selecting the right system for the individual needs of your business.

Here we take a look at the factors you need to consider to ensure you are selecting the appropriate LED lighting for your business.

  1. What type of business do you run?

Your lighting needs will differ depending on the type of business you are operating. Retail businesses, for example, will need to think about the impact on the customers as well as the workers, and the lighting will have to create an aesthetically pleasing environment in addition to covering all the practical needs of the business.

Offices will need lighting systems which cater for all areas of the business. Workers using computers will need lighting bright enough to see their screens but not so bright that they cause glare, while other areas of the space, such as meeting rooms, may require more subdued lighting to create a welcoming atmosphere.

Manufacturing and industrial businesses will have different needs again. As these jobs are usually more technical in nature and require attention to detail, it is important that everyone has sufficient light to see what they are doing, so large LED strip lights are usually a good choice for these environments.

  1. What is your business property like?

Business premises vary as much as the businesses that work in them. If your building has a lot of natural light, you will need an LED lighting system which can work in conjunction with this, so the workplace is never too bright or too dark at any time of the day or year. Many systems now can be programmed to brighten when the amount of natural light is reduced, so workers are not distracted during the day.

If your property has any particularly dark areas, these can sometimes be wasted space. LED lighting solves this problem, as you can install spotlights to illuminate these areas, enabling you to choose all areas of your premises.

Most business properties are not occupied 24 hours a day. Because of this, you might want to consider installing LED security lighting outside the building, with sensors which will switch the lights on as soon as an intruder is detected. This is particularly important if your property is not located in a well-lit or highly populated area.

  1. Who uses your property and how do they use it?

It is often the case that different areas of your business property will have different lighting needs. For example, a retail business or showroom will want the goods to be highlighted in the most attractive way possible, so they might want an LED system which can be programmed so the lights change colour at regular intervals.

However, areas such as the office or behind the counter will still need to be lit brightly and in a non-distracting way, so your workers can still see to do their jobs properly. Equally, office-based and industrial businesses often require different areas of the premises to be lit in different ways.

Because of these different lighting needs in different areas, it often makes sense for businesses to choose a system where the lighting in each room can be altered individually, enabling you to create different atmospheres and cater for different needs within the same space.

Additionally, not all areas of your property will be used all the time. Areas like toilets, kitchens and changing rooms are often unoccupied, so it is a good idea to install motion sensors in these areas, so the lights will automatically switch on when someone enters the room and switch off again when the last person leaves. Installing motion sensors throughout your business premises can also save you money on your energy bills, as it negates the possibility of anyone leaving the lights on overnight.

Ask the professionals

No matter what type of business you are running, there is an LED lighting system which will cater for all your needs. At BrightLec, we have installed thousands of lighting systems for a wide variety of businesses, so we can help you find the modern, efficient, adaptable lighting system which is right for you. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

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