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How much does rewiring cost for a commercial property?

How much does rewiring cost for a commercial property?

The cost to rewire a commercial property depends on a couple of different factors. Where the property is, how large the property is, whether there is any repair work involved and what finish you choose for sockets and switches and other fittings all impact price.

Where the property is

It should come as no surprise that your postcode has an impact on the amount you can expect to pay for rewiring. In London, for example, you can expect to pay up to 40 percent more than somebody in the north of England for commercial rewiring.

The size of the property

The bigger a commercial building is the more sockets, pendants, switches and other fittings it is going to need. It will also need more circuits and consumer units. For example, a large building that is going to be home to an office or a call centre will need hundreds or even thousands of electrical outlets. The bigger the property is the more you can expect to pay.

Repair work

Rewiring can be messy work involving cutting holes in walls, removing entire sections of plasterboard and gaining access to closed ceilings. Electricians will usually offer to carry out repair work such as plastering and rebuilding at extra cost, or by using one of their own contractors. The more repair work needed he higher the rewiring project will be.

The finish of fittings (switches, outlets etc.)

Generally speaking, the vast majority of commercial properties use white plastic fittings because this is the cheapest option. However, a classier look may be required depending on what impression you want to make. Polished chrome fittings or brushed aluminium fittings are obviously going to cost more – and sometimes five times more. In addition to this, there are now wall sockets available with USB charging points for mobile devices, thus eradicating the need for a socket adaptor. Such sockets obviously cost a lot more.


We recommend LED lighting and CFL lighting for all commercial properties and if your rewiring project includes the installation of lighting development, the type of bulbs you use will impact project cost. LED light bulbs are expensive to buy compared to halogen bulbs but they last far longer making them a better investment overall in the long term.

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