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How Good Insulation Can Benefit your Business

When the winter rolls around and temperatures start to drop, many individuals and businesses begin to think about the ways that they can reduce the amount they spend on their energy bills. Though it’s important to keep staff members and machinery at the right temperature for optimum performance, the last thing your business wants to do is waste huge amounts of its budget on excessive heating solutions.

Taking the time to prepare your business for colder weather with good insulation is a great way to avoid expensive energy drains at a later date. However, many businesses fail to recognise the value of insulation before it’s too late. Following, we’ll address how good insulation can have a positive impact on your business.

  • Reduction of Heat Loss/ Heat Gain

Although the first thing that people think about when they consider insulation is often keeping warmth inside a building, it’s worth remember that insulation works to manage temperatures both hot and cold. In other words, in the winter months, adequate insulation can keep a building warm – reducing the energy required to heat it. On the other hand, in the summer months, it can keep cool air inside – reducing the need for air conditioning.

  • Personnel Protection

Insulation can serve as a barrier between seriously hot pipework and operatives in your site. This means that you limit the risk of injuries from burns for your workers. What’s more, you can ensure that you maintain a comfortable enough temperature for the people in your team to work more productively.

  • Limits Condensation on Cold Surfaces

The installation of good insulation into a business environment can inhibit the natural corrosion and damage that takes place across ductwork and pipework in a building by reducing condensation. This is achieved because the surface temperatures of various areas are kept above the condensation point. Not only will this reduce your chances of damp throughout your business buildings, but it should limit moisture damage that could take place around valuable electronic equipment.

  • Controls Noise

Finally, one of the major benefits of insulation that is often overlooked by businesses is that it can help to mitigate noise and provide a damper against sounds that travel throughout pipework. Acoustic insulation can make it far easier for workers to perform their duties with concentration and focus thanks to the lack of clanking sounds that could otherwise distract them from their task.

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