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Energy Saving Tips for your Office Building

It’s a tough time to be managing any business, but with rising energy prices and uncertainty in a host of UK industries, it’s particularly challenging for those with office premises. Between staffing costs, stock and rent, you’ve got a recipe for high operating costs, which might well lead you to attempt to reduce secondary costs like heating and catering.

Energy is another huge consideration for any business, and can be a significant portion of a business monthly outlay. At Brightlec, we’ve had over 20 years’ experience supplying businesses like Costa, Shred-It and Leeds City Council with energy efficient lighting, so we like to think we know a thing or two about energy saving.

Here’s a few of our top tips for your office building:

#1 – Change your supplier

It’s an obvious one, but that doesn’t make it any less essential; you need to change your energy supplier. Though some businesses buy their energy far ahead of time in order to avoid fluctuations in energy prices, many more simply take business energy on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Much like in home energy, we all have a tendency to stick with our energy providers year after year, even when there are better offers out there. The rise of comparison websites has made it easier than ever for businesses to compare energy quotes, and you could save your business a significant yearly sum.

Do remember though that typically, the larger your energy demands the stronger your negotiation position will be, so always give your current supplier a chance to beat your new quotes.

#2 – Upgrade your electrical systems

Old and outdated electrical systems are the root cause for a huge amount of wasted energy within a business. Indeed, we’ve lost count of the number of times we’ve entered a business only to find shoddy electrical work has left a business wasting money on high electrical bills.

With Brightlec, our lighting upgrade systems can help to save up to 70% off your lighting bills, offering a complete return on investment within 3 years and setting up your business for the decades to come.

#3 – Promote an energy efficient culture within your business

Regardless of whether your business has 5 employees or 50,000, instilling a culture of energy efficiency is vital to helping drive down your energy costs.

Consider an inter-department energy saving competition with real rewards, adding a little friendly competition to the act of energy saving. Make it part of your pitch when you’re signing employees up, install smart meters so employees can see the cost and encourage all staff to switch off their computers after work and encourage managers to lead the charge.

With these little changes, you can begin to install an energy-saving ethos, which will in turn reduce costs and environmental damage.

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