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Energy Saving Tips for Winter

With the days growing shorter and the weather growing increasingly inclement, there’s no doubting that winter is fast on its way, but for businesses, there’s little joy to be had in the frosty beauty of the winter months.

Instead, a combination of poor light and colder temperatures is a recipe for higher energy usage – an issue which can affect your environmental commitments as well as your bank balance. Indeed, British Gas’ own estimates suggest that gas prices can leap an incredible 51% in the winter, whilst electricity sees a 39%.

But what can a business do in order to drive down their energy usage throughout the winter without forcing staff to deal with chilly hands and dimly lit spaces? Here’s our top tips:

·         Get the staff on board – Recruiting your staff to save energy is a smart idea at any time of the year, but it’s essential during winter. Send out an office wide memo encouraging them to switch off any lights that aren’t in use and to turn off any nonessential electrical items also.

·         Move your thermostats – Thermostats communicate with your heating system, letting it know when to turn on the heating and when to leave it off. Poorly positioned thermostats can therefore lead to massive energy usage hikes. Remember to position them in places where they won’t see vast temperature changes, like beside a door or near machinery.

·         Invest in energy efficient lighting – LED lighting uses up to 80% less energy than competing lighting sources and is immensely bright, making for a perfect all-year lighting option. Best of all, LED lighting lasts 20 to 25 times longer than a halogen light, ensuring that your business continues to benefit from reduced energy costs for years to come.

·         Check heating settings – Overheating an office space by just one degree can increase your energy usage by 8%. It’s a staggering truth, and though the right balance may take some time to find, it’s essential that you get it.

By following these basic tips, your business can save significant sums over traditional winter energy costs. To learn more about saving energy within your business, contact us today.

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