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Electrical products that will improve the security of your commercial property

If you are concerned about the security of your commercial property, the good news is that there are a variety of electrical products that can bolster your property’s security considerably. Here’s five of those electrical products to consider for commercial properties:

Security lighting

Security lighting illuminates a property at night, to deter criminals from vandalism, theft and other forms of crime. It can be setup with a motion detector, to conserve energy, or it can be setup to run through the night. Both types of system are effective. LED bulbs can be used to reduce running costs, if you would prefer a running system.

Visible CCTV systems

CCTV can act as an outstanding deterrent against crime. However, if it isn’t visible, or if it isn’t made obvious that CCTV is in operation, its effects are nullified. For this reason, we do recommend CCTV installation that’s visible. Cameras can be protected from projectiles with a mesh grille, if you feel that the system may be targeted by criminals.

Proximity alert systems

If your commercial property is locked up at night, and expects no human interaction, a proximity alert system could be a fantastic investment. This system monitors the entrances to a property, and when it detects something of a human size, it sets off an alarm or an audial, verbal warning that the person’s presence has been detected and logged.

Alarm systems

Perhaps the best-known security system for commercial properties is the burglar alarm, otherwise known as the anti-intruder alarm. An alarm system will give off a loud, penetrating audial warning to intruders in your property. It will go off when it detects that somebody is inside, and it can be setup to go off if it detects signs of forced entry.

Electrically-operated shutters

If your commercial property has a store-front or a glass section at ground-level, there’s a strong possibility that it will be targeted by criminals if they want to break in. Unfortunately, even toughened glass can be put through. Electrical shutters provide a strong barrier between the glass and the outside world, to prevent smash and grab theft and intrusion.

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