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Electrical Choices That Will Boost your Employee Productivity

Businesses across the globe are always searching for effective ways to boost employee productivity and efficiency. After all, the more productive an employee is, the more he or she can have a positive impact on your bottom line.

While there are plenty of health and wellbeing initiatives that have been proven to boost productivity, there are also some simpler solutions out there that you could try too. In fact, the following three electrical choices could make your staff more efficient, and effective than ever.

  • LED Lighting

Today, LED lighting is something that all businesses should have. If you’re still relying on incandescent bulbs to illuminate your company, then you could be wasting energy and money. LED lighting is not only more energy-efficient than traditional bulbs, but it can also enhance your employee’s work experience. Studies have shown that exposure to the blue-spectrum light in LEDs can increase the happiness hormone serotonin, while reducing melatonin (the hormone that causes sleepiness).

If that wasn’t enough, the right lighting can also reduce eye strain and headaches within the workplace, meaning fewer sick days, and greater concentration.

  • Energy-Efficient Temperature Control

Employees that are either too hot, or too cold, aren’t productive. When you’re too hot, you start to sweat, and your body experiences symptoms of fatigue that make it difficult to focus on the task at hand. When you’re too cold, the joints and muscles in your body can seize up, making everything from typing, to lifting boxes difficult.

For more productive employees, companies need to install temperature control systems that manage heat in the summer, and banish cold in the winter. However, these systems need to be energy efficient. For instance, installing a radiator system with a heat curtain to maintain your interior temperature could be a great solution.

  • CCTV and Camera Systems

Although it may feel morally ambiguous to suggest that you’re watching your employees, having security cameras installed can do a lot more than protect your business from theft and vandalism. Sometimes, the presence of CCTV systems alone can be enough to encourage employees to work harder, because they never know when someone might be watching.

After all, we all work harder when we think the boss is looking. The key is to make sure that your employees know that your cameras are primarily for protecting the company – not spying on them. Otherwise, you could risk upsetting your staff.

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