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Does My Business Require Protection Against Power Surges?

If you have the various electronics that run your business, simply plugged directly into a power outlet – then you may need to reconsider your choices regarding investment protection. Whether it’s the computer systems responsible for keeping your company up and running, copiers and fax machines, or any other technology throughout your business, caring for your investment is essential – and that means investing in surge protection.

While it’s easy for professional organisations to forget all about surge protection when things in their company appear to be going fine, it’s worth noting that it only takes a single power spike or surge for your expensive electronics to become useless.

Understanding Power Spikes and Surges

At work, you rely upon your electrical sockets to provide your equipment with a consistent voltage of electricity. Unfortunately, there are a range of different factors that can lead to a power spike, caused by a sudden change in voltage – from lighting strikes, to malfunctions in the grid. A power “spike” refers to a short increase in voltage, whereas a “surge” lasts for more than a couple of seconds.

Whatever the cause, an unexpected current increase can cause damage to electronics that are using the power outlet for energy – rendering them damaged, or completely inoperable.

How Does Surge Protection Help Businesses?

Most modern businesses rely upon electricity today – as computers form the framework for a lot of important company tasks – from invoicing, to creating content and maintaining inventory sheets. Standard electrical outlets simply don’t have any protection against unexpected power spikes and surges – leaving your electronics exposed.

Investing in surge protection ensures that you have a layer of extra security between your electricity supply, and the crucial, expensive equipment that you use throughout your company or office. This can mean that you don’t have to pay out huge sums of money to buy new equipment in the case of a sudden surge – and can even keep on working without interruption when electricity problems occur.

Do You Need Surge Protection?

The truth is that any business that relies on electrical products needs surge protection. Consider it this way: if an electrical surge was to attack your office, would you be able to carry on with business as usual, or could you risk thousands in equipment investments? If the latter is true, then you need surge protection.

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