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Does my business need security lighting?

Does my business need security lighting?

If you read the question in the article title and said no, the chances are likely that you aren’t holding any valuable objects, products or information inside the premises.

For those that do, it would appear that certain sectors of business would require more help than others to find effective ways to deter criminals.

Government data taken from the last two years assessing crime against businesses shows that businesses who operate in wholesale and retail were the most likely to see their premises targeted by thieves; experiencing more than double the amount of crimes per 1000 premises seen by other sectors.

Especially in wholesale and retail

This is not likely to come as much of a surprise to the discerning individual, with wholesalers and retail shops being the kind of business that will keep a lot of produce on-site. In broad daylight of course, crime would appear to be much less of a threat as they are likely to be seen, and it is hoped that somebody within the community would notify the relevant authorities should they see it.

However, as the sun sets and twilight fades into the night, those who do not like to be seen will take advantage of the cover of darkness to try and find a way to slip inside your premises undetected.

This is where security lighting can emerge as a major turn-off for would-be burglars, as sufficient lighting of the premises and surrounding areas can make any opportunists stand out a mile and be noticed by other passers-by who may well make their activities known to security forces.

This is the huge and immediate advantage which can be offered by installing security lighting for your business.

Cost-effective solutions

The reason many businesses do not have security lighting up to this point is due to how much energy these behemoths used to consume. However, with the advent of LEDs (light-emitting diodes), security lights do not require such a high energy output, saving you costs in the process.

These days the lighting system can even be connected to the whole security set, and alerts can be sent to you if there appears to be an issue, rather than being kept in the dark. Running a business can be very stressful, so taking one big worry away and knowing your premises are that bit safer can help you tackle all of the other challenges you have set to keep your business progressing well.

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