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Cost Effective Heating Options for Your Commercial Property

Many modern business owners struggle to find a balance between keeping their staff comfortable, and managing the costs of heating. Creating a warm working environment for your employees helps to improve productivity and worker satisfaction, but it can be costly if you don’t choose the right heating solutions for your specific needs.

Following, we’ll look at some of the most cost-effective heating options for your commercial property, and the unique benefits that they can offer.

  • Air Curtains

Air curtains are a modern approach to heating that can not only improve the comfort of your employees, but make your commercial space more welcoming too. Since many modern traders use an open-door policy to allow unimpeded access for your customers, these open doors can quickly lead to cold drafts that increase energy costs. The installation of air curtains ensures that your interior space is protected against cold drafts, while warm air is prevented from leaving the building.

  • Energy-Efficient Radiators

As simple as they may seem, energy-efficient radiators could be the ideal way to provide cost-effective comfort to employees and customers. These fan-assisted heaters have been optimised to ensure that they give the maximum heating output, for the lowest costs. With the right thermostat controls, these heaters can also be adjusted to change the temperature of your commercial space at certain times of the day.

  • Air Rotation Heating

For those with a particularly low budget, air rotation heaters are an innovation in warm air production. These fans use axial technology to move significant volumes of air through a space at low temperatures, making them ideal for logistics facilities. Air rotation or fan heaters offer one of the simplest methods for installing heating into a building, and the airflow produced can be directed wherever it’s needed most. For many, these unique solutions can be used as temporary, or permanent heating systems.

  • Destratification Heating

With a typical heating system, the warm air produced will automatically rise towards the top of the building – often resulting in wasted energy. The solution that some engineers have found to this issue involves combining destratification fans with warm air heating services like radiators and air rotation heating. This ensures that the warm air is constantly distributed around the occupied space.

  • Choosing the Right Heating Solution

The ideal heating system for your business will depend on the specific needs of your industry. While smaller offices might benefit from air rotation heating, larger spaces may need to use a combination of different heating solutions to create the most effective, and cost-efficient results.

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