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Computer based CCTV system options for your industrial premises

Security at your industrial facility is paramount for the continued success of your business. So are you really happy with the quality and performance of your current CCTV system? If you’re using outdated CCTV technology, you should consider taking a look at the more sophisticated, cutting-edge solutions now available on the market, and find out how they can ease your mind and improve security at your facility.

The evolution of CCTV technology

Many industrial businesses are still using outdated analogue CCTV systems. They might still work passably well as a deterrent, as they’re highly visible on the outside of your premises. However, should an intruder enter your facility, an analogue system simply isn’t sophisticated enough for today’s world.

This is because analogue picture quality is poor and grainy. Often the images are not clear enough to enable the police to reliably identify an intruder from your footage. Thieves keep their fingers on the pulse of the latest security systems. They know when a system is outdated, so they will not view it as a threat. This will lead them to target your facility over those of your competitors.

Because of this, you should consider upgrading to an IP (Internet Protocol) system. These modern security camera systems can be linked directly to your computer or smartphone. This enables you to monitor your premises at all times, even when you can’t be there in person, giving you absolute peace of mind no matter how heavy your workload or busy your lifestyle.

The advantages of an IP camera system for your business

IP technology offers a wide variety of benefits when it comes to protecting your industrial facility. Some of its main advantages include:

1. Footage is sent directly to your computer or smartphone

A smart IP camera system can be linked to your facility’s Wi-Fi network. This means footage can be relayed directly to your phone, tablet or computer in real time. No matter where you are in the world, you’ll be able to see any intruders entering your building, so you can put steps in place to deal with the security breach. And as it uses your password-protected Wi-Fi, the connection is completely secure.

2. Easy to use

IP security camera systems can easily be controlled using a smartphone app. These apps are extremely user-friendly and intuitive, making it simple to access and use all the features of your system, even if you aren’t a tech wizard!

If you have several different cameras around your facility, you can monitor some or all of them from the same screen at the same time. You can zoom in on particular features and take screenshots if you want a still image, all from your smartphone. The app can also be used to receive notifications to your phone every time there is a suspected security breach.

3. High-quality digital imaging

The latest IP camera systems offer 1080p HD quality digital images, so you receive crystal-clear pictures live from your facility. This level of quality means faces can easily be recognised, so an intruder could reliably be identified from the footage.

In addition, as the image quality is so much clearer, movements can be captured without blurring, leaving no room for doubt as to what actually happened should your footage have to be used as evidence in court.

4. Footage can easily be stored

Sometimes you need to play back footage of an event so you can determine what happened. With an analogue CCTV system, this has always meant trawling through hours of poor-quality video tape the old-fashioned way.

An IP camera system negates the need for tapes completely. Some systems come with their own hard drives, while others use cloud technology to store your footage. This enables you to retrieve and review it whenever and as often as you need, instantly and easily, without taking up precious space at your facility.

5. Hard wearing cameras

The old-fashioned security cameras that came with analogue CCTV systems were often not very robust. This made them vulnerable to tampering and theft, and not very reliable for outdoor use in bad weather.

Modern IP cameras are designed to be much stronger and more durable. They have protective casing which makes them much harder to tamper with, and less vulnerable to changing weather conditions. They can also shoot clear footage at night, and some double as security lights and alarms when their motion sensors are triggered.

A computer-based camera system will make your industrial facility much more secure, and offer you vastly increased peace of mind. There are a number of different options available – please get in touch if you would like to know more, or discuss your individual security needs.




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