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Can environmentally friendly power sources and electricals save my business money?

Can environmentally friendly power sources and electricals save my business money?

You have to make money to spend money, as the old saying goes. Buying something which costs a fair bit may seem like too much when assessed over a short-term period, but over the longer term you could actually end up making money off that purchase, in relative terms.

This is the argument for a movement towards more efficient systems, in that it may well cost something to implement a new, more energy-efficient design, but once you have paid off a couple of years of electricity bills you may well find that you have already recovered the cost of the purchase.

Payback length

Let us consider an actual example. If your typical energy bills for a commercial property come to a round figure of £5000 over two years, and this bill would be halved if you installed less wasteful lighting across the premises, then even if you have to shell out £2000 for the new lighting system, you will still end up saving yourself £500 inside just two years.

Of course, the figures are never quite so simple and round, so do a few calculations yourself to give a good idea of what the payback time would be to implement a change, and so you can determine whether it is worth the investment or not.

Energy-efficient options

So what kind of fancy energy-saving measures are we talking about here? Running costs are typically highest if everything is always on, so some devices and electricals which come on automatically whenever a motion sensor is activated is just one easy step towards keeping your total costs down and helping out the environment.

Older appliances are also known for requiring a lot more power to get them going, so if there are a few clapped-out looking electrical goods in your premises, some monumental energy savings could be achieved by replacing the whole fleet if you are able to arrange potential bulk deals.

So it turns out that the short answer is yes, but if we told you that straightaway you might not have made it down to the bottom. Each switch towards more environmentally friendly and sustainable features will afford you a saving, but be sure to do some calculations with your energy statistics to get a good feel for how long you will be waiting on a return. If you can save money and help the planet, what are you waiting for?

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