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Best Ways to Keep your Commercial Property Secure

Crime is a serious concern for firms from a range of different industries. Regardless of what your business does, there’s always a chance that you could fall victim to malicious forces that end up ruining your chances for success.

Offenses against businesses are estimated to make up around 20% of all recorded crime within the United Kingdom. If you want to protect yourself against theft, vandalism, and more, then you may need to investigate some of the best ways to keep your commercial property secure.

  • Risk Assessments

The first step in securing your business is to analyse risk points that might leave you vulnerable to harm. For instance, if you know that people walk in and out of the front door all day without being checked by security, then you may need to install a camera or create some sort of sign-in system for visitors. Many companies already know areas where their business are most likely to exposed to crime, but remember to carry out a thorough risk assessment if you want to make sure you cover all areas.

  • Locks

Part of securing your business means making it as difficult as possible for other people to break in and take what’s yours. If you need to, strengthen your doors, find locks that can be fitted to your windows and doors, and get a professional electrician to help you install security lighting. All of these different measures can work together to deter burglars. If you notice that access points are still vulnerable, then you may need to install CCTV. What’s more, if you don’t have an alarm in place already, then you should get one fitted and place a sign on your property that warns individuals of its presence.

  • Prevent Inside Crime

Sometimes, crime doesn’t necessarily occur as a result of lax security on the outside, but a lack of effort made to check the backgrounds of the people who are working for you. Always make sure to verify previous employment histories for your workers, and ensure that you check references – even if you’re only hiring part-time or casual employees. At the same time, make sure that you introduce clear policies regarding theft, and ensure that your staff knows to expect immediate dismissal if they attempt to steal from you. It’s also worth exercising due caution when you are offering people access to security codes and keys.

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